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Our consultants provides you with all the relevant information and guidance to secure your desired university place from the initial planning stages through to the end.


Admissions Open Now

Our consultancy and training will ensure you are career ready, no matter what your current experience is our expert councillors will guide you through each step of your university admission application.


Student Finance

Funding option available to cover the cost of your course. To make it easy we’ve teamed up with Universities which help you apply for and complete a student loan application quickly, easily and informatively.


Plan Ahead: The Next Big Thing

We offer complete service including counselling, applications, getting offers, applying for student finance for home students. Whereas our services includes accommodation and most importantly the visa application assistance for international students.

    Our Services!

    Post Arrival Assistance

    Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again. Our counsellors
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    Pre Departure Briefing

    We provide pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad. A ‘Pre-departure
    Read More…

    Application Procedure

    You can either download the application form from the universities’ web sites or get the
    Read More…

    Financial Aid

    We provide complete guidance on Educational Loans & assistance in a quick & easy
    Read More…

    Admission Guidance

    We assess your English and the Universities admission committees often consider our
    Read More…

    Career Counselling

    We excel at providing the top-level counselling service to our students striving to study in
    Read More…

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